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Woman's Self Defense

Woman's Self Defense

Reality training 

There are many different programs out there offering woman's self defense, unfortunately many of them are garbage. It's reality that men are bigger, stronger, and much of the time faster and capable of more extreme violence. How do you train a woman to face an attacker such as this and have any hope of survival or escape? We believe we have the answer. Striking weak points, learning a mixture of Krav Maga and Brazilian jujitsu with defensive and offensive weapons skills is just the start. Learning to face fear and turning it to your advantage, while learning how criminals think, target selection, and positioning is just as important. We have a solid program that has already saved lives. 

Krav Maga is perfect for woman's self defense.....just ask this female instructor for the IDF.

KC James teaching woman's self defense 

KC James teaching in Liberia 


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