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Krav Maga is mma for the streets

Learn the most efficient self-defense fighting system in the world. Krav Maga uses your instincts to teach you simple moves that anyone can learn. Hone your techniques and deepen your knowledge base of self-defense. Increased stamina, awareness, focus and a reduction in stress have all been associated with Krav Maga. At KMI, we work closely with you according to your pace, fitness level and goals to develop awareness, confidence, muscle memory, logic and control. We use a combination of striking, ground fighting, weapons training, and stress drills to give you a solid foundation in the fighting arts. Best of all, no gi, no belts! 

Lorena discusses confidence and body language. 

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Woman's self defense training with Krav Maga International

Short clips of Rapid Response and KMI 


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