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Training For Security Teams

KMI For Security Training 

Learn from an experienced operator

KMI started in the security's what we know best. Our team includes military police, special forces operators, experts in patrol tactics, experts in K9 operations, and experts who travel the world for on site security evaluations and SOP advisors. From resorts such as Marriott, home associations, Bank security teams, we have assisted in training from the ground up. Physical Security starts with procedures, detection measures, patrol tactics and training systems for the officers who respond to incidents and place themselves in harms way. KMI offers Expert training in the following areas:

* VIP Protection

* K9 operations / patrol

* Krav Maga for security / military 

* Anti-terrorism courses for resort security 

* Combat shooting 

* Risk assessment / Threat detection 

* On site security evaluations, SOP implementation , training systems design 

* Home association patrol / security integration 

KC James...teaching a mixture of doctors / Delta security, Limon Costa Rica (not affiliated with IKMF) 

KMI & Rapid Response have helped form 15 different home associations with security patrol throughout Central America as well as assist resorts & hotel properties build security sop from the ground up with continued training and support. 


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