Krav Maga International has created a new approach to reality based self defense training. At the foundation is the team.

KC James

 Certified Krav Maga instructor  with 11 years experience teaching Krav Maga internationally .  Additionally, KC James has trained under the US Army Military Police, Certified VIP Protection Agent working in Central / and South America, instructor for police in Costa Rica, and Panama. KC James owned and operated Rapid Response, a security company specializing in high risk security contracts in Central America. KC James also worked with K9 patrol teams for private security companies dealing with detection of illegal drugs, and protection teams for visiting celebrities and VIP guests. 

David Levy

David is an expert in Israeli Defensive Tactics, former special forces officer in the IDF, and has since assisted in training Synagogue security teams in foreign countries throughout Central and South America. David is an expert in combat pistol, anti-terrorism / incident planning & response, and Krav Maga. David has been chosen to lead the KMI team for security operations, K9, and on site security evaluations. 

Arthur M.

Arthur M. is an expert in combat pistol, VIP protection instructor, and anti-terror operations. Arthur served in the elite Russian GRU and has operated behind enemy lines and served as an officer in an elite Russian anti-terror unit. Arthur has trained VIP agents throughout the world, has taught bank security teams how to respond to incidents, and has instructed police firearms courses in Costa Rica. Arthur is also an expert on fraud and runs a successful Investigation firm in Costa Rica. 


Student of Microbiology, Cortney is a fitness instructor as well as well as Krav Maga instructor in training. Very soon Cortney will certify with Lior Offenbach (Tel Aviv) for instructor Certification. Cortney assists with Krav Maga training, junior classes, cardio kick boxing, and woman's self defense seminars.

KMI instructors train and certify under Lior Offenbach, Combat Krav Maga

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