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The KMI Academy


Our schools  combines several systems of Israeli defensive tactics with the best of weapons training, jujitsu, Judo, and kick boxing to form a solid base for reality self defense in a rapidly changing world. KMI formed in 2009, Costa Rica, first under Krav Maga Global for training Protection officers for Rapid Response International Security contractors. The need for reality training only increased as RR began operations in more high - risk regions, more instructors and training was incorporated into the system from instructors around the world, including Russian special forces officers, Israeli anti-terror instructors, and most recently, instructor training under Combat Krav Maga, Tel Aviv, Israel. Since the closure of RR, KMI now teaches to civilians, security services, and military. 

Combat Shooting


Three levels of instruction, course is taught by by former GRU commando and anti-terror captain (Russia) with 30 years teaching experience. Arthur has taught numerous police agencies through out Central America and Europe as well as bank security teams. Arthur is also a well known anti-terror & VIP Protection Instructor who teaches throughout the world on a regular basis. 

Shooting courses are country specific as well as duty specific. Scenario training is discussed during initial consultation.


KMI For Security

KMI offers intensive security training to corporate firms, military, company security units and others who wish to gain high skills in personal or location (physical) security. With vast combat and security experience, our instructors teach comprehensive training programs using their real-life experience in one of the most challenging arenas around the world including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central and South America. The KMI Security courses combine the use of Krav Maga , weapons training, K9 tactics, and VIP protection  training by instructors who have extensive back ground in military, resort security operations, and protection of VIPs in high risk regions . (PSD)

The course is designed to provide theoretical, practical and operational skills required to maintain a high level of security.



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