Krav Maga Costa Rica - Krav Maga International Academy

Seminars for Civilians / General Public taught In Spanish or English

* Work Place Violence
* Self Defense (Krav Maga)
* Woman's Self defense ( Krav Maga )
* Home Invasion / Assault Defense
* Tactical Shooting, pistol / shotgun


Krav Maga International For Security Professionals,  Executive Protection, Resort Security

The instructors at Krav Maga International  and Rapid Response International have created an aggressive training system of Krav Maga and Military Krav Maga ( Krav Maga Lotar ) to offer security professionals a complete defense and fighting system ranging from combative, take downs, control, weapon disarms, weapon retention, CQB, and weapons training - combat pistol, shotgun, and carbine and knife. We have developed training programs for security professionals from resorts, city police, to executive protection professionals.


Israeli Combat Pistol

Combat pistol starts from basic to advance. Often our course will involve movement, shooting from different positions, combat reloads, drawing and magazine changes while moving, third party protection ( executive protection ) and drawing and firing while under physical attack.


Security Training Seminars ( Certificate ) from Krav Maga International

°    Security Krav Maga and Conflict Resolution
°    Military Krav Maga & Combat Pistol
°    VIP Protection & Combat Pistol
°    K9 Officer combat training
°    Resort Security training /  Patrol & Conflict resolution
°    Instructor training Program  ( for persons in management positions )


Tactical Training for Military / Security Forces

We offer Tactical training to security and military units through an integrated training Program. Our battle proven techniques are the most devastating techniques from Israeli Krav Maga, Lotar, and combat Jujitsu taught through the US Special forces.

We emphasize education and training the soldier and Instructors to be a fierce fighter who will function correctly under stressful conditions with determination, aggressiveness (at the desired level), using the most effective techniques and tactics available.

Courses are at different levels, from basics to Instructor Level.


Training Method

We train using the proven training tactics of the IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces )  that increases information retention while decreasing training time by focusing on necessary, but quick and decisive defensive tactics. The transfer of knowledge from our combat veteran instructors to the students is very important so all instructors have attended instructor training for Krav Maga, Lotar, and military H2H. Most of training days is intensive and combines tactics with combatives while forcing the students to react under stressful and confusing situations. Obstacle courses and reality training scenarios test students skills on a daily basis.  Our daily training ends with class room time where role playing occurs giving a student chances to work through steps of conflict resolution. We focus on teaching critical stages of conflict and ways to interact to avoid physical confrontations if possible. We constantly place the student in new and unfamiliar situations while presenting red flag scenarios to teach the student awareness and ways of handling difficult and hostile persons.


We have selected a group of instructors ranked from the IKMF, Alliance, and Military Krav Maga ( Lotar) to represent our intensive training program. All instructors must have years worth of instructor experience, be considered experts in the subject for seminar they are teaching, and must be combat veteran if teaching to a military unit. Krav Maga International did not train their own instructors, but rather recruited ranked instructors from other world recognized organizations to join our training team with the requirement of former special forces experience. We present a training team composed of operators who have worked in the field.... we do not recruit dojo trained instructors who lack real world experience. We will only choose an instructor that meets the tough requirements for the specified subject that we teach.


 Krav Maga Training Seminars